Matt Booty of Microsoft speaks about the acquisitions made by the company


Through a new encounter with pcgamesinsider, talked to Matt Booty management at Microsoft Corporation about the acquisitions made by the company on a range of development teams, specialized in video games, and is Ninja Theory, Playground Games, and Compulsion and Undead Labs in addition to the establishment of the development team of the New The Initiative in California, and it also announced Phil Spencer, the head of Department of Xbox in the Home Shopping and electronic entertainment E3 2018.

View our partners and the development teams are divided into three sections: long-term partners we can help them get to a higher level. Development teams small building about leaders creative can them create stories and unique characters, and finally, to start new projects with the leaders of the seasoned and well-known in the industry.

I didn’t really care about the size of the development teams or the number of acquisitions. Regardless of the size, development teams create a culture of creativity and innovation. For us it was linked to the finding on the development teams of appropriate and which could not offer great content, but rather to be a part of the family of Microsoft studios.

Reaction from within the industry and from the teachers was positive and motivational.

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