Mattress with liquid-cooled capable to satisfy any

High technology got to the bedrooms. For example, Ford for several years shows a baby bed that emits the soothing sounds of the car, and adults that address the important problem of many couples. Recently it became about another new product that many would like to have in their bedroom — the mattress with liquid-cooled Eight Sleep Pod. According to the developers, it can warm one person, while the other cools. How is this possible?

Умный матрас с жидкостным охлаждением

Foam mattress has several fluid-filled channels. They are able to be cooled down to -55 degrees and heated to 115 degrees, and liquid with different temperatures independently circulates on both sides of the bed. This means that if one person wants to sleep in the heat, it can increase the temperature without disturbing sleeping next to partner. To set the temperature, you can use a voice command to assistant Amazon Alexa: “Alexa, take my bed.”

Hidden under the material of the sensors on all night long track every movement of the sleeping. Most likely, all these data can be synchronized with the app to monitor health. As an alarm clock you can use the decrease in the temperature of the bed — after all, nobody wants to lay on cold surfaces?

The developers do not want to give Pod Eight Sleep for free — its price is very high and reaches $ 2,000. However, it’s not as bad as “smart” beds from manufacturers such as Ford are still available for purchase and exist only in single copies.

Would you like to build a high-tech mattress? What helps you sleep? Your answer write in the comments, and talk about other technology advances is always possible in our Telegram chat!

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