May 2017: the Apple goes up!

2 may 2017, Apple has published the results of its operations for January-March. These results, for the second time in a row, was better than the year before. It was unexpected, almost a sensation. Of the financial condition of Apple now was following not only Apple shareholders and employees of the company (now their number exceeded 100 thousand people), but all sympathetic to this strange company. Strange – she is obnoxious, greedy, arrogant. Nevertheless, many people (still) treat it with irrational sympathy.

Something similar happened in the late 90’s, but then the financial wellbeing of the company was a summary of the condition of the patient in very serious condition, on the verge of life and death. And now – again?

In January-March 2016 Apple for the first time in many years, was forced to announce to the world that the era of uninterrupted growth ended. In April-June and July-September 2016 the results were not better. Apple period in human history came to an end?

For deterioration of financial indicators Apple was objective reasons, the economic downturn has affected not only her, but those of its competitors. That’s just to sit on the shore of the Pacific ocean and dream of the opportunities they had. Shareholders and Board of Directors had they not would. And Apple “struggled and searched”. Desperate.

Since I mentioned the end of the 90s, compare them with what happened in 2016. At the end of 1996, in the holiday quarter, Apple’s losses exceeded one billion dollars. “Companies who generally have a billion little, and those who can afford to lose him can be counted on the fingers”. Went around the world a joke. Not very funny but proud.

In fact, Apple could not afford it.

In 1998, crook (dismissing a third of staff, closing projects, reducing costs to a minimum), Steve has achieved profitability. That another quarter became the second or third consecutive profitable quarter, “Apple”, the press wrote rather than in our days writing about the new iPhone or iPad.

In 2016, in the worst of quarters, Apple reported net profit of 7.8 billion dollars. Two thousand times greater than in the best quarter of 1998.

January-March 2017, in terms of money

I call this period “the first quarter of 2017”. In the financial reports of Apple, it is called “the second quarter of 2017 financial year.” The first holiday, the first quarter of 2017 (aka the last calendar quarter of 2016) was a record. The highest income and net profit in the history of the company.

Holiday quarter “feeds a year”. For the holidays people give gifts, this is a troublesome and not entirely clear to me tradition provokes millions of people are crazy spending all that suitable for a gift is swept away from the shelves. Works Apple are considered to be good gifts, so employees are mobilized on all holidays. A kind of “festive Sanchez”. Like all artists.

Following holiday quarter, markedly dull. The money spent, the gifts already delivered, need to think of something and “bloody nose” look – no.

The second fiscal quarter of 2017, has deceived the expectations and forecasts. Experts waited decline. Luca Maestri, the then chief financial officer Apple, happy to announced that:

— On account of Apple for the reporting period came to 52.9 billion, which is 5% more than in the same quarter of the previous year (50.6 per billion);
— Net profit for the reporting period was $ 11 billion, which is 5% more than the year before (10.6 billion dollars).

Holders of Apple stock has paid considerable dividends, financial reserves of Apple rose again (from 312,7 to 334,5 billion dollars). By 2000, the financial reserves of the company exceeded 10 billion, it was a very important achievement of the company and guarantee its sustainability in our challenging and ever-changing world.

These reserves are not so simple, but to go into the details, I will not. If markets where Apple earns a living suddenly there was complete calm, a chance to survive and to survive for several years she has. In other words, “no wait!”

January-March, 2017, on the activities

Apple publishes official data on sales in five sectors of its activities, this iPhone, iPad, Mac, services, and “other” (Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats, iPod, and accessories).

Published by the company data is verified by independent companies, so to embellish (or Vice versa) the reality in them is meaningless. However, the data that I present is marked by Apple as “not audited”, but if they were noticeable deviations from reality without scandal has not managed to.

There was no scandal. If there were inaccuracies, they do not go beyond the limits of decency.

In January-March 2017 50,8 Apple sold million iPhones. The year before – 1% higher at 51.2 million. But, in some magical way (this is a joke, I understand how it is made), despite the lower sales volume in units, the sales revenue of the iPhone has brought Apple to 33.3 billion dollars, 1% more than the year before (32,9 billion).

iPad still hurt. In the first calendar quarter of 2017 they had sold 8.9 million units, 13% less than the year before (10.3 billion). Sad. Revenue from iPad sales fell by 12%, from $ 4.4 billion to 3.9.

But Mac, a company veteran and favorite me platform, looked good. They had sold 4% more than the year before, 4.2 million instead of 4.0. They earned 14% more than last year, 5.8 billion instead of $ 5.1 billion. Still – post-computer age is in full swing. Tablets are replacing computers, and all that.

The sector “Services” includes, among other things, services. It’s not my fault, Apple will attribute to him (and I quote): digital content and services, AppleCare, Apple Pay, licenses, etc.

The mysterious “etc” – what is it? What else do they earn?

Really – on each transaction made through Apple Pay, Apple takes a “foam”. Because they are already in the beginning of 2017 was accomplished very, very much, in total, it brought a lot.

In January-March services Apple earned about 7.0 billion. 18% more than the year before (5.1 billion). When everything else is frozen in place or even falling, income from services are rising. They became the second most important source of income. The obstacles to even greater growth – no. Income from services was only 4.7 times less than iPhone sales.

The sector “Other” brought in 31% more. $ 2.9 billion instead of 2.2 last year. Apple TV, Apple Watch, mouse/trekpada/keyboard, adapter, Apple, Pencil and much more. More than a third.

To be continued

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