May 2Miners: hardwork Ravencoin and software update for miners

Team pool 2Miners traditionally reports on the work done during the month. In may primarily remember hardwork Ravencoin and release software updates for mining. Also the members of the pool continue to work on the translation of useful articles for the miners from around the world and introduce important changes for users.

The transition Ravencoin algorithm KawPoW

One of the main events for the community of cryptocurrency miners in may was hardwork Ravencoin. The developers moved the coin algorithm X16Rv2 on KawPoW, allowing the network has disappeared ASIC and FPGA miners. The original purpose of hard forks were achieved: since mine RVN can now only video card total Hasrat network after the procedure has decreased ten times.

Хешрейт сети Ravencoin

Hasrat network Ravencoin

The beauty of translation Ravencoin algorithm KawPoW in that it is mining now, even graphics cards with 3 GB of memory — that is, ones that are not mine Ethereum at the end of 2018. If RVN wondering encourage you to read our detailed guide to mining cryptocurrencies. Inside the actual settings, refer to the miners and the estimated yield of the production.

For mining Ravencoin fit many miners. Owners of Nvidia graphics cards will fit Gminer and T-Rex, and for AMD it is best to choose TeamRedMiner under the Linux operating system and NBMiner under Windows. The configuration process of mining is described in details on this page, and all the necessary programs are in this archive. Password 2miners.

According to the site statistics MiningPoolStatsat the moment 2Miners pool is the most popular pool for Ravencoin.

Minimum payout Grin

For conducting transactions in the network Grin need a lot of time. To pay worked smoothly and quickly, the developers pool 2Miners increased the minimum payment to the miners pool to 10 Grin.

Минимальная выплата Grin 2Miners

Minimum payout Grin on the bullet 2Miners

If you Grin at the mining algorithm C32 with bminer and noticed a significant drop Hasrat lately, we recommend you to run it with option-nofee. It helped many participants in the English-speaking Telegram chat pool 2Miners.

New software for mining

May remember updates popular for mining. Here is the key:

  • PhoenixMiner for coins on the algorithm Ethash the type of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic was updated to version 5.0 b;
  • Gminer and T-Rex got the update to support algorithm KawPoW under Ravencoin;
  • TeamRedMiner showed excellent results for mining RVN on graphics cards from AMD. Alas, the program is stable only on the Linux system. That is, if you are using HiveOS, all should be well. Flight leaves pool 2Miners available for many miners and TeamRedMiner including.

All of these updates are available in the archive for a quick start of mining. Password — 2miners.

Видеокарты для майнинга

Video cards for mining

In may, we also prepared a guide on the choice of the miner. To choose the right software for your video card will help article “What kind of miner cryptocurrency to choose and how to configure it”.

Translation of frequently asked questions on 2Miners

Team 2Miners translates the knowledge base Pula — that is, answers to frequently asked questions. The work continues, however, some new languages have appeared on the website. Developers pool I hope that these articles will help miners from all over the world not only a better understanding of the procedure of mining cryptocurrencies, but also to make the mining process more profitable.

Перевод пула 2Miners

The pool 2Miners


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