May be the announcement of MacBook Air equipped with a processor Apple own soon

MacBook Air 2018

With the confirmation of the Apple on it would use its own, which is based on architectural ARM in the computers own in the future, there is a question arises, which is when we can expect to see these computers. The last time we heard that Apple is planning to launch MacBook Air New by the end of this year will happen on new hardware.

It seems that this rumor is true because it sounds like the battery monitor can be used in MacBook Air New in databases on the internet. Although the batteries do not specifically refer to it as the custom for MacBook Air New, but they are classified as 4.99 Wh and has a capacity of 4380mAh.

These are the same classifications used by Apple in MacBook Air current, leading to speculation that this battery could be for the MacBook Air New. Since Apple had already upgraded the MacBook Air earlier this year, so combine that with the rumors, it would be logical then to think that this could be the MacBook Air which is rumored will be released with a processor Apple TV etc.

It will be interesting to see whether the MacBook Air will be more efficient in energy consumption, although used for the same rating of the battery used in the MacBook Air with an Intel.


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