May be the version of Apple HomePod soon because suppliers are starting to ship the first batch

Apple’s HomePod

It was supposed to say, Apple launched the smart speaker Apple HomePod own late last year, but decided to postpone it to early in the year 2018 at a time when both Google and Amazon Reap more sales in the market of smart speakers. And yet it is still not known when will Apple issue a speakerphone smart HomePod, but the information coming from one of the companies supplied suggests that it will happen soon.

The company began Inventec to ship first batch of smart speakers Apple HomePod for Apple, at least according to sources within the company. Has come Apple with two companies to manufacture the smart speaker HomePod, and here it comes all of Inventec and Foxconn. In the community is expected to be shipped from the 10 to 12 million units of smart speaker Apple HomePod this year, will be the companies listed above manufacture these shipments evenly.

Supports another source that the delay was due to the need to Apple a little more time to adjust some things related to hardware and software in an Apple device HomePod. Will be the initial United States and the United Kingdom and Australia. This effort will focus around 350$ in USA, which makes it much more expensive than most of the smart speakers available in the market today, except the speaker Google Home Max which costs 400$.


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