May be to use the lids open and free exchange of Health to expand the coverage of 5G


Expected to represent the 5G the new standard in the cellular networks. Said to be faster than the networks that we have currently, but the negative side in the fifth-generation networks is their scope is very limited, which means that try to access them in closed spaces such as buildings can be challenging.

But it seems that the engineers at the phone company to British Vodafone connect maybe to a unique way to help expand the coverage of 5G, this is done by embed the antennas inside the lids open and free drainage. Given that the lids open and free drainage is already present, it means in theory that the only need to change the covers of the current those that contain antennas.

In addition, they increase the dispersion potential of the cell towers that are usually placed on top of buildings, which adversely affects the aesthetics of the neighborhoods. It should be noted that it is currently using this technology to expand the coverage of a 4G network, but the engineers from the phone company to British Vodafone believe that this technology can be applied also on the 5G.

Some expressed concerns that the metal in the manhole covers may interfere somehow with cellular signals, but according to Mr. James Grayling, who serves as director of expansion of networks at Vodafone UK, it was explained that the non-occurrence so that he stated by saying : ” Don’t interfere coverings open free drainage with cellular signals, despite the presence of a small level of energy loss due to the aperture. Are taken into account during the design of the place that we want to extend such solutions. “

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