May I ask the game hunting monsters free Dauntless

Announced the development studio , Phoenix Labs officially on a date ask Game him free of the type of RPGs and allocate roles to Dauntless, which comes in the twenty-first in the month of May, stated that the game will be available across platforms PlayStation 4 was Xbox and PC through the store Epic Games.

The studio, Phoenix Labs has announced earlier in the year 2017 about his game, he said that the official will be in 2018, but during the ceremony The Game Awards 2018 for the release date of the game for 2019.

According to a statement the studio, Phoenix Labs, the game will Developed play the joint between the devices through the use of one account in the transfer and save files between different devices.

Information about the game of Dauntless

Game Dauntless-type games hunting monsters which resemble according to the promotions that have been posted the game Monster Hunter: the World with the advantage of it’s free play, it also supports developed cooperative play online in catching the monster, as they allow to add amendments making the player’s character.

The players can modify and making the characters their own in the city of Rams-gate social status that captures the players and share through his armor and weapons to face monsters and challenges existing in the language.

And the story of the game is about exploring new islands are open world games, and while exploring the islands, players hunt monsters and players will be able to turn the form of monsters during combat, and offers a monster in the game called “Kush” of the most dangerous monsters at all, where the judges have to allow the other monsters.

It adds the game a number of nurses to impart excitement and fun, such as feature lanterns that can be used in the pursuit, where all the lantern from these lanterns gives the player a different ability for a limited time, for example there is a kind of lanterns gives the player the ability to restore life to your teammates.

Featuring monsters of the beast is found in the language of power and intelligence, such as monsters owls that convey the player in the battlefield and their great damage, which makes the elimination easy, and that killing her will require the development of different tactics and strategies.

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