May specialize company Google of the back button with Android Q


One of the features that characterize the Android devices for iOS devices, we find the back button. This is actually a very useful feature where users can use to navigate through the website and in the system settings, and more. However, it seems that there’s a chance to take my company to Google for this feature with Android Q.

This according to the developers in the developers forum XDA Developers who found out that in the Android version of Q that was leaked, require Google to provide further controls that are based on gestures. One of these changes is the return of users to the back through the clouds above the main button the default instead of using the back button, which was an essential element in Android devices for years. In fact, this is reminiscent of the way that done by Apple to get rid of the main button the actual iPhone two years ago.

The report illustrates also how will this gesture allows users to flick between applications, and this is what reminds us once again of gestures implementation in the phones iPhone New. It’s unclear whether Google will do these changes on their users, or whether it will provide the option to use the back button to them, but if not, it seems that it will have on the users learn how to use gestures to get used to them before the arrival of Android Q A New.

You must take into account that this information is informal until now, company Google have not yet announced System Android Q. In fact, I do not Google the company until now to issue the beta version of this system, but we expect that to happen in the coming months we’ll get more details at the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019 to be held in the month of May next.


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