May start Google in providing some banking services through 2020

Google is one of the largest tech companies on the planet but they had been delayed a little bit before you take any steps in the field of banks and financial transactions so that her only service in this area was Google eBay, But it seems that the company intend to enter this area of the wider doors where you intend to provide current account banking to its users and this according to a report from the Wall Street.

Google calls its new project the name “Cache” as between the word Cache, which means “temporary files” is a technical term proximity coupled with the metaphors for the word “Cash” and cash.

To Google to provide this service to users, it will cooperate with local and international banks will not configure a banking system independent of course, because this will open them the doors unnecessary, as that service is Google’s fledgling will be similar to the service Apple Card in many ways.

So far we are not aware of much detail about the new service, but in any case, do you intend to get a bank account from Google in the case of the availability of service in your country? Or you will affect banking services traditional? We participated in the comments..

Source: TechCrunch

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