Maybe I’m wrong and Exynos processors from Samsung makes sense

With the release of the new smartphone from Samsung again rolled a wave of public discontent, which considers that they have been deceived and ”assigned” them a Exynos, the Snapdragon is the coolest. Snapdragon is really good, but today I’m not so adamant to Exynos, as usual. In this article let’s try to weigh the pros and cons. But at the same time will try to understand whether the company is to continue to bend the line or should I completely abandon the strange processors. In the end, the Samsung work are not stupid guys and they know what they are doing. Selling smartphones with knowingly failing processor they hardly want. And furthermore, they do not want to invest in its development. So where’s the beef?

Different smart phones on these processors work differently, but the differences are still not so critical.

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Exynos or Snapdragon

More and more I think about the fact that in the approach of Samsung to its flagship the and there’s a certain grain of common sense. In many ways, the case boils down to relationship companies. Including commercial relations.

On the one hand, Samsung produces chips, which are generally worthy to be installed in most modern smartphones. But it is one of the key distributors of the chips of his rival. At least in a few cases, Samsung plays a Central role in the implementation of chips Snapdragon. In the end, the situation can be called extremely complex and confusing.

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Yes, the Exynos chips from Samsung really create inconvenience for users of its phones. But Samsung should not give up their chips the Exynos in favor of the Snapdragon at least a couple of reasons.

Samsung has long been using a combination of chips in their devices Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. They are divided depending on the sales region: USA, China and some other regions are getting the Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm. This is usually the freshest chips available at launch. All others, including the home market (Korea), get chips the Exynos.

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You can argue about whether there is a serious difference between the chips, but the biggest difference between the smartphones they meet in the new series of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G. The fact that novelty has not just Snapdragon 865, and its improved version, which was presented just a month before the release of the new smartphone.

This Galaxy Note Ultra 20 and its processors differ more than ever.

Why Galaxy Note is better on Snapdragon 20

Samsung Galaxy S20 presented at the beginning of this year, got Exynos and Snapdragon 990 865. The Galaxy Note uses the same 20 990 Exynos and Snapdragon has become much steeper. In the end, if then the decision Samsung were able to compete in some modes, now he’s getting to do it more and more difficult.

The result is not only an abstract greater failure of performance, but the problem with some games, compatibility problems, old sores autofocus camera and, as a bonus, overheating and shorter battery life. The latter is due to the fact that the Exynos CPU will have to work in more extreme mode. In the end, people in European countries and Russia will have to pay the same money, but less quality product. Not nice…

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However, strange as it sounded, this does not mean that the chips from Samsung bad. Yes, they are inferior to the flagship models, but for the middle class they’re very decent. The company spends a lot less money than for the purchase of chips on the side. This allows you to make a mainstream smartphones cheaper. The difference between a line of processors from Samsung will not be as big as the Snapdragon. In the end, users of cheaper smartphones on the Exynos chips only benefit from this situation.

Features Snapdragon and Exynos despair not so much, but the fact remains.

Samsung as the manufacturer of processors

Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of memory and the production of processors and it is necessary to consolidate their advantage. However, it turns out that he does it through us.

If you look at the situation without reference to the fact that we have an alternative, we can say that the Exynos is not so bad. Just got better alternative and it spoils everything. As they say, the best is the enemy of the good.

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If you go back to the Samsung Galaxy series S10, you may recall that the peak single-core performance Exynos 9820 surpassed Snapdragon 855. Behind it is only in multi-core performance and that is not very much.

Competition in the field of mobile processors is very slim. You have to understand that to compete with Qualcomm and Samsung can only HiSilicon and Apple. MediaTek also produces processors and trying to make them more powerful, but it is far from a flagship device.

Maybe it is good that we have a choice?

So, if you throw MediaTek, which does not pull, and Kirin, which is not long because of American sanctions, the options processor is not so much. Apple produces chips only for itself, and will not sell them for use in Android. OPPO just gets in the way of manufacturing our own chips. In the end, a competitor to Qualcomm can only be Samsung and this chance should not be missed.

As Samsung affects the smartphone market

We cannot underestimate the influence of Samsung in the processor market. In addition, she at some point can go completely on your chips, if necessary, it can greatly damage the life of Qualcomm. To do this, just start to massively sell the chips to third party manufacturers. If the price will be all right, many will want to jump on them. That’s when Qualcomm could be in trouble.

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An additional inhibiting factor may be that Qualcomm is constantly involved in antitrust proceedings and I have already talked about this. In the end, if you have a competitor and manufacturers switch to it, American companies have not sweet.

So similar, but so different.

To go this way, Samsung need to improve their chips and make them more competitive in the top segment. In this case, users have no such claims to the company about the lack of new products in the Snapdragon in any particular region. If you do this will not work, you should at least slightly reduce the price of the models with Exynos. At this stage it would have been much more honest.

The article is gradually coming to an end, and I'm interested in your opinion about the future of Exynos processors. As usual, it offers comments and our Telegram chat.

When companies begin to compete directly and will be able to produce similar quality chips, the price will have to decline by itself so as to produce their own much cheaper than to buy someone else’s. Moreover, the company will be able to spend less on the memory and other components, which it also produces itself. Selling chips on the side also contribute to the increase in revenue, which it can share with customers.

Of course, the way of producing good processors is very expensive, but Samsung is not a shell company. She works for the future and for decades is a leader in its field. She is interested in the production of its processor itself understands.

In the end, you can go the path of least resistance, going completely on the Snapdragon processors, but it will benefit only Qualcomm. From what Exynos Snapdragon will be better, all will win, including Samsung and us.

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