McAfee: between the government, banks and kriptonite real war began

In mid-may, businessman and founder of McAfee, John McAfee saidthat cryptocurrencies should develop organically, not under the scrutiny of regulators. In political views he is a libertarian and believes that the development has no boundaries. The same is true of cryptocurrencies.

Now one of the most influential industry experts in the broadcast of his show “John McAfee Says” said that the confrontation between CryptoUtility and the government turned into a real war. His words leads Bitcoinist.

How to achieve the legalization of cryptocurrency the opinion of John McAfee

According to the businessman, “powerful forces” in the face of governments, banks and regulators came together to impede progress.

It is a real war. What can we do? Act. Write a letter to your Congressman or MP sounds silly, but while they are in power, we can make it work. If they say “no” in response to a proposal to advocate for the legalization of digital money, ask them about the Bank that can do this. Demand that financial institutions allowed transactions with money with credit cards.

The publication notes that the statements of McAfee can be associated with the recent restriction of cryptocurrency transactions number of banks. The businessman noted that government agencies like the SEC is also trying to distance itself from the cryptocurrency.

We are many and we are not safe. Eventually they will be afraid of us. But this will happen only when cryptomnesia take the situation into their own hands.

Offer McAfee sounds reasonable — if a lot of people will remind the government and the banks about the demand for cryptocurrencies, those may eventually give up and legalize it coins. I hope for such a scenario.

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