McLaren Speedtail: 1000 horses, 402 km/h, more than 2 million dollars. And already sold out

The British company McLaren, specializing in the production of the fastest cars in the world, does not lose marks. Remember how in the 90 years she shocked the world with the release of its most legendary models of the McLaren F1, which became the dream of every just vypuskavshemusya of the elite educational institutions of a young businessman? It was one of the fastest cars of the time. What can I say, the car quickly acquired the status of legend that he even could not resist Elon Musk, at that time still a young millionaire, not dreams of the future in electric mobility and space. Times have changed, but not changed the love of cars. McLaren unveiled today a new product called Speedtail that is ready to compete for the title of the fastest car in the brand’s history.

The model will be part of the top of the line Ultimate Series of the company and is considered by its creators as the ideological successor to the legendary F1. The will will receive triple the layout of the cabin and the petrol–electric powerplant on the basis of the twin-turbo V8 from the GT4 racing 570S. The total capacity of the car makes over 1000 horsepower. According to available information, the novelty is able to accelerate to 320 kilometers per hour in just 12.8 seconds, almost a second faster than his rival, the Bugatti Chiron. The maximum speed of the McLaren Speedtail is 402 km per hour.

McLaren Speedtail surprising not only for its technical characteristics, but also appearance. The novelty will be the most luxurious model in the line of McLaren. When you create a form hypercar, its creators focused on fastest natural object in nature, – no, not a piano falling from a cliff. The shape of the car resembles a drop of water. Narrow the rear of the hypercar extends to the front side. Everything here just screams speed. In the rear of the car instead of the usual wing uses integrated directly into the bodywork and custom ailerons.

In exterior and interior hypercar is actively used carbon fiber, not only decreasing the overall weight of the car, but also adds aesthetic racing him hell. This material is used even in the decoration of the wheel and also acts as the main caps for the front wheels, which in turn are used for the same reduction in aerodynamic drag.

In the car for better aerodynamics and even refused a conventional rear view mirrors. Their function is performed by the digital camera built into the door of the car and also having an aerodynamic profile. The picture of them is displayed on the digital displays mounted in the front cockpit Speedtail. By the way, all the basic functions of management proposed hypercar using displays. On the ceiling, for example, there are the shift buttons.

McLaren will offer an will endless options for exterior and interior trim, as well as several sets of emblems: from the 18-carat white gold with inlays of carbon fiber, platinum, aluminum and in the form of simple stickers. The production logos of precious metals will be the British firm Vaughtons, specializing in Olympic medals and cups.

The cost of the car is almost 2.24 million dollars. The company plans to produce only 106 instances of the model Speedtail, but do not hurry to run for a checkbook. All of them were already sold out. The same lucky ones who managed to grab this beauty, you will have to wait until early 2020, when will the Speedtail.

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