Medals of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Olympic will be the location of electronic devices recycled


Containing electronic devices to valuable tools can be recycled, and the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, had said earlier that they want to make the medals that will be awarded to the Champions of the metals extracted from e-waste. The committee received a ” huge levels of support from the public and businesses all over Japan and from leading national and international“, with the collection of the municipal authorities about 47500 tonnes of e-waste.

Containing 47500 tonnes of e-waste for more than five million telephone neglected, which was presented by the people to follow NTT DoCoMo in Japan. The committee said the establishment of places of beauty in public buildings and post offices, as people were encouraged to participate in this initiative.

The committee was able to achieve its goal in the collection of 2700 kg of bronze, in the month of June last year, while collected 93.7% of the size of the gold target of $ 30.3 kg, as well as 85.4% of the size of a silver target of 4100 kg by October of 2018. For the amount of gold and silver remaining, the committee pointed out that, based on the amount of electronic devices discarded collected, they are confident of the virtue of e-waste sufficient to achieve its objectives.

Is not stop the program until now, so there’s plenty of time to tell people about more of the electronic devices is used. This will be the program on the 31st day of March of this year, such as the detection of the designs of the medals of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of this year.

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