Media Player Kodi issue for Xbox One from Microsoft


More and more applications and software become available for the home consoles that are no longer game consoles, but rather entertainment devices comprehensive for the living room connected TV and entertainment services offered by Netflix and the service of the Spotify music and others.

The last of these programs is Media Player free famous Kodi and which refers users on the internet that is already available for Xbox One of home from Microsoft Corporation, which to the surprise of some, because this application is widely used for piracy a lot of business!

Kodi open source program and is available on many platforms like Windows, Android and iOS. What many don’t know that this program originally began his life as a media Xbox old before it develops and spreads to other platforms under the brand “Cody”, and then felt makers in the application that the opportunity is favorable to return to the Xbox with the support of Microsoft platform development UWP, which required considerable effort.

This version for the Xbox One are still preliminary and not definitive of the program.

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