MediaTek announces the processor chip of the new Helio P65

The company announced MediaTek recently released a new chip processor Helio P65 which is based on core Cortex-A75, come the ability to support camera sensor 48 mega pixel camera, it also offers performance faster than the previous version.

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Chip Helio P65 is the latest version of MediaTek that comes with the chip Helio P60 and performance trying to P70, as arranged chip Helio P65 on two cores Cortex-A75 6 أنويةCortex-A55, the ARM on that the nuclei of the A75 offers the top speed of the cores A73 increased by 22%.

How come the processing unit by Screen ARM Mali-G52 which is below the performance of the G72 is used in Helio P60 وP70, so is expected to decrease the performance chip in performance chips in 3D, as confirmed by MediaTek that the NPU come perform faster by slices Helio, with the performance of the best 30% of the chips of the competition at the same level.

Also can chip Helio P65 that supports 4 sensor resolution of 48 megapixels, also supports the distortion in the multiple frames, and also supports the chip photographing bokeh effects with the camera or two cameras.

Can be the chip to flow video recording at 1080p resolution, also supports 4G networks, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi networks 5, and also the Bluetooth v5.0, it is expected to support CHIP phones expected next.


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