MediaTek is planning to get correct chip processor to phones possible

Revealed a new report about the plans of the company MediaTek to upgrade their versions of the chip processor with artificial intelligence, to be the choice next to the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone.


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Report Digitimes strategy MediaTek law in the development of chip processor with artificial intelligence, with a view to access to the possible versions of smart phones.

The report also stated that MediaTek would like to be the choice next to the Giants of the manufacturing of smart phones from Apple, Samsung to by the company, Shao my, Where has already started the company in talks to look for opportunities for joint cooperation with these companies.

The company has been known MediaTek during the past period correct that feature the highest quality ingredients, which provide the available versions of smart phones, so I didn’t enter so far in the competition in the market of phones is possible, however, that the support of MediaTek separate from the chip with artificial intelligence will surely lead to great competition with the Giants of the chip processor like Qualcomm for example.

Recall that MediaTek was no previous attempt in the processor chip Helio X30 is possible that targeted by the company possible devices in the market, but the company did not achieve the success of this version led to the cessation of the company’s production line of chip Helio X.

It is planned to move the company’s strategy and also coming from focus on the phone market only, to go to other markets like the market in computers, telecommunications, smart cars etc. from the markets start in the areas where the new production line depends on the technique of artificial intelligence of the chip processor.


I know of

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