MediaTek reveals processor i700 for augmented reality applications, and smart homes, stores, factories

MediaTek i700

Revealed company MediaTek on a new processor for the Internet of Things ( Internet Of Things ) supports MediaTek i700. It’s processor is extremely powerful, even by the standards of smart phones, so is likely to make this processor the way to the smart screens, cameras, advanced security, and other hardware most demanding.

This processor unit for processing the nerve is composed of two nuclei, a unit which accelerate the process of finding out the face five times compared with the processor MediaTek i500 current. Supports the new processor of the company MediaTek application programming interface Android Neural Networks, in addition to frameworks for deep learning the most popular.

This can link the processor with one camera accurately 32 megapixels or camera, double include a sensor of 24 MP sensor first and accurately 16 megapixels sensor of the second. Given this dual camera the last, you’ll be able to take advantage of the engine sensor depth built-and report the distance. Moreover, this new processor also provides estimates of location and track movement for fitness apps and augmented reality with the knowledge that the operation of the camera at 120 frames per second allows the processor to also trace elements and rapid movement.

Can processor MediaTek i700 operating system Android, it features eight cores in total, including the two nuclei of the category of Cortex-A75 with a frequency of 2.2 GHz and is a Cortex-A55 with a frequency of 2.0 GHz. When it comes to the graphics, then MediaTek i700 new features processor graphics IMG PowerVR GM 9446 which the frequency of 970MHz. This could be linked to the processor with up to 8GB of RAM LPDDR4X with frequency 1866MHz.

With regard to communications, the addresses MediaTek i700 supports WiFi 5 Bluetooth 5.0 for local calls. Moreover, it includes also the season Cat. 12 LTE for portable applications.

As we said earlier, it is very powerful for the speakers the smart. See the company MediaTek possibility to use this wizard to control access to the smart buildings, and recognition for authentication on the operations of the defense, and fitness, entertainment, and even in some of the vehicles independent in factories and warehouses ( something like the robots in the warehouses of Amazon ). Generally, you’re supposed to see the first devices using the processor MediaTek i700 new in the year 2020.

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