MediaTek will be on the chipset supporting لـ5G soon

The company announced MediaTek Taiwan they intend to detect the first products supporting the fifth generation destined for smartphones in the twenty-sixth of November, it is expected that the manufacturing of this processor precisely 7 nm-type FinFET which will make it energy-efficient dramatically.

News is the most widely interesting here is that MediaTek is working on a processor supporting للـ5G will exist for the medium category and will come mostly loaded with the H70 and this processor will also give the same precision manufacturing 7nm FinFET so it will be energy-efficient and will provide excellent performance for the phones available for this processor it carries the code name for the MT6873 this is what we know about him so far.

It seems that the MediaTek intends to enter the competition is stronger than any other time that the processors are private to the world now it seems attention to a massive offer 5G which was only limited to some flagship phones high price, but now we will be able to get the phones to the average supportive للـ5G fully!

Can you open the MediaTek people to Qualcomm not been varying we have, for years? We shared your analysis and your opinion in the comments..

Source: Beebom

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