Medical assistant believes that he could the Apple Watch Series 4 Save the life of the users

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

The Apple launch of smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 just a few weeks ago, come this smart watch new with many new capabilities, such as the discovery of the falls and planning electrical. We’ve heard in the past stories about how they contributed to the Apple Watch in saving the lives of its users by alerting them to the rate of the heartbeat is not normal, but it seems that the Apple Watch Series 4 can be the best at doing it.

In a post on TidBITS, one of the medical assistants who have experience of more than 25 years supports Rich Mogull published his thoughts on the Apple Watch the Smart New, how it is believed to have the ability to save the lives of users. It seems that Rich Mogull talked mostly about the advantage of the discovery of the Falls, where he notes that as a medical assistant, it seems that the calls related to fall and glide is one of the more calls they receive, especially among the elderly.

He also explained that he faced some situations in the past where if those people are wearing smart devices such as the Apple Watch, happy ending. Doesn’t seem that Rich Mogull disturbed by development and misconceptions that they receive is sometimes so stated by saying : ” development of the false are in fact part of the work, and show all the time on the alarm of Fire false car accidents free of injuries. It don’t bother me only when I sit down for dinner “.

While it seems optimistic on the feature to detect falls, it appears that Rich Mogull not prevent the very advantage of electrocardiogram, where he says that the EKG could not lead to the detection of a heart attack, but he says that this feature can be very valuable for clinicians who are trying to follow patients who suffer from heart problems known.

Anyway, I didn’t see after the tests of the real features of the health monitoring this but it looks promising, and if the Apple Watch Series 4, such as hours Apple Watch the former, we expect to hear similar stories in the future.


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