Medicompany “True” Elon musk already exists! Maybe…

After the barrage of criticism which fell upon his company Tesla, Elon Musk has threatened on Twitter to create a service that allows the General public to assess the reliability and “honesty” of articles, journalists, publications and editors.

Musk had named his service “Pravda”, making reference to the Soviet newspaper. Attacks from billionaire PayPal address media can be understood — in the recent case of Tesla is very low: the error Mask are compared with the errors of the 1960s (and he agrees), then some trolls offer to remove him from his post of Chairman of the Board of Directors. More interesting. “True,” Elon musk already exists. October.

As noted by journalist mark Harris, the Corporation Pravda has been certified as a foreign Corporation in the state of Delaware October 18, 2017. Its registered Jared of Birchall in, which is also (among other things) President and Director Neuralink Boring Company, owned by Elon musk. Musk confirmed to Gizmodo that Pravda will start to move, “as soon as I finish work on Model 3”. He refused to confirm the participation of other individuals in the event.

Of course, there are reasons to doubt that Pravda ever materialized into something interesting. Previously Musk appeared on Twitter with a promise to run a candy factory, and “in all seriousness”. In the end, the cost of creating corporations is negligible for such a lover to create corporations like Elon Musk.

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