Meizu unveils a new technique in camera on 13 of December

The complexity of Meizu conference hall on 13 November to reveal the new technology in camera support phone Meizu 17, which applies formally next year.

Confirmed the company Meizu earlier on their plans for the official announcement about the phone Meizu 17 over the next year, where this applies to the version with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865, with the new technology in camera unveiled within days.

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The monitoring of the poster advertising the official conference of the Meizu to be held on 13 of December, to unveil a Technology Writer new car for the company now known by the OMA.

I have referred Meizu this technique with “one-click into a poem” to denote the efficiency and quality of imaging technology new, except that the company review the more precise details about the technical conference, which is held during the days.

Also provided according to the comments Meizu to support this technical version of the company’s next Meizu 17, which comes for the first time with a microchip processor Qualcomm possible Snapdragon 865, where the projections indicate that this version will be reported in the spring of 2020, and that applies to the phone with a support connected to the 5G.


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