Members of the Indian untouchables will teach mining

In January, Prime Minister of India Arun Jaitly announced that the government’s plans to tighten the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Restrictive measures aimed at combating illegal financial operations. The representatives of the untouchables (Dalits) has a different opinion. They believe that digital money and related technologies allow its members to earn more.

Mining in the world

To provide Dalits the opportunity, chamber of Commerce of the untouchables along with the blockchain-a platform Mahabfic launched a series of trainings for mining in 30 cities of India. Among them Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, writes about

In some States the number of untouchables is almost one third of the population, said the publication of the CEO Mahabfic TASIF Malik.

If at least some of these people become interested in mining cryptocurrencies, India will become the world centre of mining.

As the newspaper notes, from the beginning of 2017, the total volume of cryptocurrency transactions in India amounted to more than $ 3.5 billion. However, the restrictive measures taken by the Indian government, makes it difficult to purchase coins abroad for the citizens within the country for foreigners.

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