Members of the Senate want to query Google about its plans to re-launch its search engine in China - Google Search - Google Chrome

For nearly ten years, missed Google clearly about China. This includes all the products and services of Google such as the search engine Google, and email service Gmail, etc. from other services. This applies also to some extent on the system of Android where it is in fact the version of Android devices in China using versions of Android modified which has been stripped of Google services.

However, we have heard recent reports that Google Inc. plans to launch its own search engine in China, where it will set up a version controlled from the Google search engine to satisfy the Chinese government. These are just rumors at the current time, but it seems the rumors may have made some members of the Senate interested in to the extent that they want to grill Google about it.

In a letter sent by Senator Marco Rubio and signed by us lawmakers, others to the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai, he expressed his concern that Google’s plan to re-launch the search engine Google in China will be a ” successful hit to the Chinese government ” and how it represents the ” pre-worrying ” for other companies seeking to do business in China ”. Moreover, it was these American legislators expressed their concern about American companies working with Chinese companies associated with the Chinese government.

But as we have said, the report about the re-launch of the search engine Google in China to promote, what this means is that this whole thing might be wrong. However, this is not the first time that questions U.S. firms about their operations in China. In the past year after the removal of the VPN apps from the iTunes Store App Store in China, is questioning CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook by Senators Americans who felt that Apple ” allows ” China to censor the internet in the country.

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