Memory LPDDR5 new Samsung phones lightning speed

Revealed Samsung through official press release about the first ourselves to random dynamic LPDDR5 for smartphones-core 10 Nm. Maybe when you read that didn’t explain what this means. Simply and short, this means that future phones that will come this memory will be up to 150% faster and less battery consuming by 30%, which would mean significant progress of smart phones in the future.

Come themselves LPDDR5 to correct their selves LPDDR4 common in smartphones currently launched in 2014 to Christ -as it is possible to expand – our selves LPDDR3 by a large margin in performance. And self LPDDR5 a big difference in the performance of LPDDR4 is also where, according to Samsung, the maximum theoretical would be 6400 MB per second versus 4266 MB per second.

The reason for the speed memory new to the architecture of 10 Nm is used instead of the architecture 20 Nm that was used previously. This means the number that is determined balance the distance between each point and the second on the slide, wherein when less than this distance is less than the energy consumed in data transmission from one point to another, also increase the speed of data transfer between points means better performance and consumed less battery whenever said measured distance balance.

According to Samsung also hear LPDDR5 New will be developed to Idle Mode more efficiently than the last 50%, so this phase is to maintain the battery when not using the phone. The efficiency is higher by 50% than themselves. LPDDR5 is a wonderful thing and it will maintain batteries phones spin for a longer time and wish to see it with smart phones to come.

With the coming of smart phones in the future don’t can to worry about running artificial intelligence applications and video quality UHD, where that development be long before all aspects of either memory or processors or video processors we wish to cause the batteries of this continuous evolution.

Did not reveal the Samsung on a specific date to put this memory in the phones of its own but it is possible to expect to put in the phones and 2019 both Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10. The company said the South Korean it will be memory in parallel with the needs of the users without identifying any specific date.

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