Memory random HBM2 started increasingly popular


If you follow the Permanent Representatives of the news technical probably heard about memory random adjacent HBM2 (or second-generation memory high bandwidth memory). For those who don’t know, this technology revolutionized the world of memory random. It was the usual design of the RAM includes connected to each other via a data bus (wire vector data on-chip computer), and instead has been to find a way to collect them and paste them on top of each other, resulting in space saving on the chip in addition to increasing the speed of data transfer significantly!

AMD was one of the first companies that adopted the technology HBM with her cards, and although NVIDIA is planning to rely on memory GDDR6 with a card of its graphical base Volta, however, other technical reports confirm that the memory HBM2 has become increasingly popular.

Due to its use in more commercial products, which include cards, fraudulent charges from the NVIDIA company like Tesla P100 and Quadro GP 100, in addition to its adoption in AMD cards graphic that released this year core Vega.

Anyway, keep the high costs one of the obstacles that stand in the face of techniques HBM2 and redeploy than it is currently.

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