Memory with a capacity of 1TB is now available for purchase

The company announced the SanDisk earlier about external memory for smartphones with a capacity of 1 TB, this large capacity smartphone, but if you already need her, and is now available to purchase from the official store of the company on the internet.

This allows the memory read speed of up to 160 Meg MB per second, to save time during the transfer of high-resolution photos and videos in 4K UHD, which requires compatible devices able to access these speeds by up to 90 Meg MB per second for writing, which is classified in class U3, so should not encounter a problem in the storage of video clips 4K.

The company says that the memory is resistant to heat, water, shock, available in her store at a price of 450 USD equivalent of 1690 SAR, compared to the price of a memory with a capacity of 512 gigabytes of address space available $ 200 USD equivalent of 750 SAR.

– Buy from company shop SanDisk: click here
– Buy it from Amazon Store: click here ( not currently available in stores )

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