Men are better than women joke — proven by research

The researchers argue that men are better than women just kidding. In the course of work, scientists have studied the results of 28 studies in which subjects were asked to rate the jokes of the men and women, not telling them the gender of the author of the jokes. The results showed that the jokes 63% of men were funnier than women jokes. Note that in the study involved ordinary people, not professional comedians. It is no secret that in the world there is a stereotype that women jokes are not as good as the stronger sex. It turns out, this stereotype has received scientific confirmation.

It is no secret that women love to laugh

Whose jokes are the funniest?

Researchers from the University of Aberystwyth and the University of North Carolina, USA, analyzed 28 studies, which focuses on how funny the joke was about 5,000 people. Scientists wanted to find out if there’s any truth to the stereotype that men are better than women just kidding. In many studies, consulted by scientists, men and women were asked to write funny captions to pictures, and then independent judges evaluated signatures without knowing whom it belonged to one or the other joke. More news from the world of science and modern technology are looking for on our channel in Yandex.Zen.

Note that humor is a complex phenomenon that includes social, emotional, physiological, cognitive, cultural and evolutionary characteristics. One of the important aspects of human life is the ability to make others laugh. The ability to joke is a great cognitive ability, which is largely not associated with the evaluation and enjoyment of humor. It turned out that on average men seem to have higher ability to make jokes than women. Researchers believe it’s not that women aren’t funny, and that humor plays an important role in the transmission of their genes or simply in reproduction. Womenusually look for in a partner sense of humor, because it is closely linked with intelligence. And men, in turn, prefer women who laugh at their jokes. The researchers also noted that during our evolutionary history men probably had to compete with stronger opponents, to impress women with his sense of humor.

In the photo comic actor and stand-up comedian Eddie Murphy

This is interesting: Why do some jokes seem to be funny people and not others?

Why do men joke better?

Moreover, the authors of the study believe that men receive more support from society in the development of their sense of humor. It is possible that the idea that women are less funny, so common that society prevents the development of the humorous talent of girls and women. It can also influence the reluctance of women to seem ridiculous. But in this case, the reason may be evolutionary. When it comes to choosing a partner, women should be picky. A 2006 study published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics that addressed what qualities we value in potential partners, and showed that women pay more attention to intelligence — in fact, they value it twice as more than men. For anybody not a secret that men who demonstrate their sense of humour, and also demonstrate your intelligence. Do you agree with the results of the research? Let’s talk about this with members of our Telegram chat.

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