Mercedes has unveiled its electric scooter. What’s special about it?

If you use a car only in order to get to work, you should definitely think about selling it and buying an electric scooter. Just think — after a compact and relatively inexpensive means of transportation suitable to overcome short distances much better than an expensive car. Especially today, the production of scooters and scooter are such large and prestigious company like Ford. In the framework of the past in the German city of Frankfurt motor show its electric-scooter introduced, even the industry pioneer Mercedes-Benz. It seems that soon the streets you can meet businessmen on a compact “merci”!

Previously Mercedes-Benz was not involved in the production of electric scooters

Surprisingly, the company did not loudly announce the production of their own scooters, but only casually mentioned them in his blog. In creating compact urban transport, it helps the Swedish appliance manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems, which, as nobody knows how people prefer to move from one city to another. After all, a Micro company is one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles in urban environments.

Electric scooter from Mercedes-Benz

Electric scooter from Mercedes-Benz goes on sale in early 2020. Unfortunately, information about the technical characteristics of company not given. Moreover, she did not even bother to show pictures of compact vehicles. One single image of a novelty was presented only in the automobile company Daimler, which owns the brand Mercedes-Benz.

Photo electric scooter Mercedes-Benz from Daimler

Though Mercedes-Benz did not produce the scooters, but one day she created a real electric racing car

Since the German manufacturer worked closely with the Micro Mobility Systems, we can assume that the coming novelty will be similar to one of the existing Swedish models of scooters. Take, for example, Micro Suspension, which weighs 6.4 pounds and is designed for people weighing up to 100 pounds. Speed electric scooters, as a rule, is about 40 kilometers per hour — pretty well for the urban environment, isn’t it? Write in our Telegram chat.

Electric scooter Micro Suspension

The advantages of electric transport

In which countries and at what price you can buy electric scooter, Mercedes-Benz, is also unknown. Anyway, if the price it can gain a lot of popularity in India, which plans to switch to electric transport. By doing this, the authorities want to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and to get rid of dependence on fossil fuels. In General, the transition to electric vehicles, there are a lot of advantages — you can read it yourself.

Finally I want to remind you about another interesting announcement made in the framework of the motor show in Frankfurt. We are talking about the car Audi AI:the Trail, which is devoid of the usual headlights. Instead, it is equipped with two drones, which constantly monitor the location of the vehicle and illuminate his path with the help of powerful lights.

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