Mercedes will launch driverless cars within a year

Every day there is less doubt that unmanned vehicles sooner or later it will fit into our lives. This is supported by the fact that the race included more and more large brands. For example, representatives of German carmaker Mercedes announced the launch of sobstvennogo service during the year.

A company statement called the new service the Automated Shuttle (or if you prefer, “auto Shuttle”). The launch will be produced in the United States in the state California in late 2018-early 2019. Among the first models will be a sedan S-class hatchbacks and B-class, and after some time they will be joined by a modified version of the concept F 015 Luxury in Motion. During the tests in the cabin for the safety net will be the driver. In addition, for customers the service is completely free, while the service is being tested.

It is also worth noting the fact that Mercedes does not enter battle alone. She enlisted the support of Bosch and Nvidia. The first is working on sensors that will help the car “to navigate in space”. Now Bosch is already the stereo cameras and lidars, but they need improvement. Moreover, the flow data they need to handle. And here comes into play Nvidia. They are known to have the Pegasus AI computer designed for Autonomous vehicle control. It is able to process 320 trillion operations per second and is designed so that its cooling system can be easily integrated in the cooling system of the car. And he easily scales and is connected to the machine. So the newly formed trio has all the chances to rank well in the booming market.

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