Message up for the users of the PS4 cause turn off the system … you know how to avoid the problem

I got a message two days ago on PS4 and didn’t pay attention to it being of an unknown person, but apparently that message was up for a large number of users, and this message as soon as you open it can cause problems to the operating system and turn off the Sony device.

This message was aimed at penetrating the hardware acceleration problem of the system, which is similar to what happened previously on the smart phones of Apple.

To avoid any problem from these messages, it is recommended not to open it on your PS4 and delete them directly, through the application of Sony available for smartphones (Android – iOS), so that the open letter of the app can address the problem. But if the message is for your PS4, it’s better not to open it.

As everyone can check the arrival of the strange messages to them, by going to Settings and account management, and then determine the arrival of messages from friends only.

Advised to prevent the problem, work to repair the system through the work of the “bot” in the security mode, which will enhance the system as it was without any problems or loss of data.

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