Message WhatsApp cause the fall in the shares of one of the largest e-commerce companies of India by 73%

رسالة واتساب تتسبب بهبوط أسهم أحد أكبر شركات التجارة الالكترونية الهندية بنسبة 73% - Infibeam Avenues

The impact of WhatsApp in India is not like anywhere in the world, and perhaps this is the reason for raising the issues on the the company recently in an attempt to stop the application in the country for causing many problems. This seems to be it’s got to the stage very stiff, so that the message spread on the app caused by a fall in the shares of the company Infibeam Avenues at about 73%.

The company is Infibeam Avenues of e-commerce companies that provide cloud services and logistics in many areas, has achieved positive results tremendously over the past years, growing revenues 100% in every year of the past five years, besides its ability to add 1,500 new customers every month.

The letter had talked about the provision of company loans without taxes $ 18.6$ billion but it’s not safe, so before the meeting of the investors supposed Thursday, which led to the spread of the message dramatically among investors and lead to falling stock by 73% of the day Friday, before rising at the end of the day and stops at the falling 71%.

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