Messages deleted from the accounts of Twitter users is not deleted !

الرسائل المحذوفة من حسابات مستخدمي تويتر ليست محذوفة !

We sometimes delete messages that we exchanged with people via social media regardless of the reason behind doing so whether out of cleaning the mailing list or for any other purpose; but it remains the common factor is the process of “deletion” the same which we mean by the survey in full, so content is deleted without leaving any trace. Which doesn’t seem applicable in full by tensing that keeps the content of those messages, even after several years of deleted.

Only what has been revealed by security researcher Karan Saiyan for Techcrunch the deleted direct messages in Twitter represents the deletion of an outwardly before the eyes of any user that the organization keep the content of that correspondence is padded; even in cases where the message is deleted from both ends of the conversation and also keeps the course the same when one of them disable the account and delete it from the product completely.

He explained to SAI that he can’t access the messages of old he had exchanged with the accounts no longer exist on the product originally years ago where he found her in one of the files attached to archive data to his personal account, he also added that he has been touted for the last year enabled him to retrieve the other messages had been erased from the sender’s and receiver’s predecessor in addition to some of those accounts were either suspended or disabled.

In the Techcrunch test this experiment yourself attached screenshot of a file archive data to the Twitter account had been resorted to show the correspondence with account suspended years ago, which is supposed to not stay on the product being the account is no longer available.

It can be said that the issue here revolves around the gap may be a violation of the laws on the protection of user data than it is a threat to privacy; at the same time that a clear contradiction with the policies of Twitter itself, which states that all the user data deemed to be deleted permanently after 30 days for the measure to modify his account and confirm the deletion of the final product.

Nor can you ignore the implications of this dysfunction Composite, if the expression in the mechanism to come home with messages deleted users which has put her under penalty of a fine out of a violation of the user data according to the law the new European competent in this regard.

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