Messenger Kidz allows children now add their friends with parental supervision

ماسنجر كيدز يسمح للأطفال الآن بإضافة أصدقائهم مع إشراف أبوي

Working Facebook is currently working on a new feature, especially in implementing Messenger kids “Messenger Kids” and children under the age of 13 year, brought features as “pass phrases” which, in turn, allow children to send friend requests and accept them on their own, and before reducing any person from this feature, it is important to know that it is still Parental Controls here accessible, where you must approve the connection.

In relation to the way they operate this feature, the app will create a random password of 4 characters for each child, is then displayed this password to the child of the other, which in turn inserts them in its own application, and then receives all of the parents notice that their two children want contact, they must approve it.

Finally the goal of this new feature is to facilitate the use in the essence, which facilitate communication, while maintaining on the safety element, and again, a must for every parent to be aware of the approval of the request of the friendship between the two children and to continue them (without being forced the great to be friends on Facebook), and still they can monitor the messages at their discretion.

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