Messenger supports add polls in his stories

ماسنجر يدعم إضافة إستطلاعات الرأي في قصصه

In the event company Facebook’s last F8, the company announced some changes and additions to large in the application of its Messenger, including re-design and simplify the way to buy products as well as provide AR AR, now allows the company another feature is the polls in the stories of the messenger, which makes it easy to share a status update and ask your contacts what they think.

Be Polls available now to chat Messenger regular and Instagram as well as the stories of Facebook, so it’s very logical that is offered to the Messenger Stories, and with this new addition will now be able to provide reconnaissance for a larger group of friends without having to create a group chat specific for this purpose, and, of course, you will be prompted with the question and the answers to correction.

After it starts friends to vote once you publish the story, with the possibility of everyone seeing the results in real time, and will update the survey every time they get back to the story, finally, if someone wanted to comment on the survey, they can press the answer button will directly open the chat conversation with him.

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