Mi 10 new Shawty has the best camera according to DxOMark

Mi 10 new Shawty has the best camera according to DxOMark

The company announced the Shawnee earlier in the day Wednesday on her smart phone later (10 Mi) Mi 10 , which has some specifications, especially in the camera, and it provides the camera with 108 megapixels, which qualified him to succeed to the first place on the index DxOMark superior to phone (Huawei Mate 30 pro I) for Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G.

Got the phone (10 MI) on 124 points on the index DxOMark – which is months in the selection of sound quality in digital cameras, smart phones – superior to the Huawei phone, which was dominant on the first position since last September, a total of 123 points.

Mi 10 new Shawty has the best camera according to DxOMark

And phones that chooses DxOMark site for many tests before it is added to the index, including the selection of cameras front and rear, static images, videos, in addition to choosing other things, such as: export petition, and advantages provided by the camera.

The phone Shawty newer camera it the main background which comes precisely 108 MP with the calculation of the value of 1/1.33 inches, and a large aperture so f/1.69. In addition, the phone structure of lenses of the type 8P, support techniques, visual installation, and the installation of electronic. And the phone also has a camera to photograph the rear 12-megapixel with support for optical zoom at a rate of 2x with a sensitive 1/2.6-inch aperture lens of f/2.0, it also offers a third camera for a deep, long 8-megapixel, and supports the installation of the hybrid at the rate of 10x, the camera of the fourth they are accurately 20-megapixel camera for the Super Show.

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Supports (Mi-10), thanks to the advantages of the software zoom digital at a rate ranging from 0.6 x to 50x. As the support of Imaging Technology (High Dynamic Range) HDR. And support photography in low light conditions.

Recall that the sum of 124 points which got him the phone includes a camera, but there are other details related to the ability to capture photos and video recording, with regard to the pictures that different things, such as: exposure to light, color, auto focus, fabric, noise, convergence, the effect of Booker, and the petition, I got the phone on 134 points. With regard to the registration of the video that chooses the very things that you choose to take pictures, in addition to the advantage of the installation, I got the phone on 104 points.

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