Micron and SanDisk unveils MicroSD cards new 1 TB in the exhibition MWC 2019


Have you ever felt the need for more internal memory on your smartphone or your laptop? There are a lot of MicroSD cards which can give you more storage memory, and now MicroSD cards this is able to give you a lot of memory and additional storage capacity. It has all of the Micron and SanDisk detects the MicroSD card in the new Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain has a capacity of 1 TB.

It wasn’t long at that moment that bragged in which Samsung grants you the ability to hold 1 TB of storage space in your pocket thanks to the high-end version of the Galaxy Note 9 which comes with 512GB of built-in internal memory and the ability to use a MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 512GB on the phone to raise the storage total to 1 TB. However, the company decided to Samsung to raise things to the next level last week when it detects the phone +Galaxy S10 with 1 TB of internal memory, so after only a few months of detection of the Galaxy Note 9.

The company SanDisk, a subsidiary of Western Digital that card SanDisk UHS-I microSDXC new a read speed of 160 MB per second, the speed of the write of 90 MB per second. When it comes to your MicroSD card, a subsidiary of Micron, has the company said it has read speed of 100 MB per second the speed of writing of 95 MB per second. Needless to say, Cards external memory this won’t be cheap at all.

Will start Company SanDisk sold MicroSD card new in April for 450 USD. It also has a MicroSD card new the other with a capacity of 512GB will be 200 USD. For the purchase of Micron, they are not revealed to us yet about the price of a MicroSD card, but stated it will be released in the second half of this year.


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