Micron resumed the process of shipping the chip to the Huawei after a period of expansion due to the U.S. ban


Some American company leader in the manufacture of computer chips, Micron shipments to Huawei. CEO of Micron, Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra in a press conference with investors that the company has decided that it is still possible to charge a subset of their products to Huawei because they are not subject to the regulations of the Department of photography. Explained Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra further stated that because of uncertainty about the business situation as a whole, it cannot predict the amounts or time periods.

It is worth mentioning that the company Micron America had stopped shipping their products to buy Huawei in the day May 15, when the U.S. government by adding the Chinese to the list of companies banned from trading with American companies. Was Huawei of the largest customers of Micron, the cost of the trade embargo that the company about $ 200 million of sales that were missed.

However, with the help of her lawyer and two external, found company Micron the industry leader in chips is a way around the ban. Company doesn’t operate the Micron with other manufacturers of the chip or the United States government, I found a simply way to ease the sanctions, which apply to goods that contain 25% or more of the technologies or materials made in the United States.


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