Microsoft: 12.9 percent of computers in Kuwait were exposed to malicious software

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Hosting company Microsoft today industry experts and decision makers adults in the area of e-security at a media event in Kuwait, in order to allow the experts of cyber security in the region found on the latest global trends for information security, and that women held in the Radisson Blu Hotel address is “visions of sophisticated security experts e-mail”, and provided event security experts in the region get the opportunity to exchange experiences with the best experts in the world.

Microsoft has released the second version of the twenty of her report, private security Intelligence, a publication issued twice a year with the aim of educating customers, partners and organizations about the current security threats as well as best practices, recommended solutions, and invests Microsoft about a billion dollars annually in the area of cyber security, so that customers can trust in Microsoft’s cloud as a secure platform that works round the clock.

Study revealed live for personal situation in the state of Kuwait by Microsoft in the first quarter of 2017, 12.9 percent of computers were exposed to malware of a particular type, compared to a world average of about 7.8 percent.

Has the company conducted a recent search of experts of information security in the Gulf region, which revealed that 60 percent of the regional organizations are still using user names and passwords to authenticate users access to corporate networks, also showed the same search that 30 percent use two-factor authentication for the user name and password through SMS notifications or any other form of notices to smart phones, while expressed only about 5 percent of those surveyed search they think recognition technology by insight.

And erdal Asia, engineer specializing in cyber security have Microsoft the urgent need for security smart, where experts continue to e-security in the GCC in the face of advanced threats are increasingly.

Said Oscar: “we will continue to in Microsoft to enhance the features of the Defense on behalf of our clients, we will continue to hold events such as product experts and cyber-security to allow them access to the latest global trends in this area”.

They have experts this field in conjunction with what security experts have Microsoft provide sessions to attend during the event, where he presented all of Mb Kumar, Research Director at IDC hearing entitled “The security landscape evolving,” said Kumar: “there are Parties to the harmful and malicious always ready to inflict serious damage, note that the challenge is always to find workable solutions to combine rigorous policy of Information Technology and flexibility needed to create works of digital flexible”.


However, 24 percent of the security experts e-mail to Microsoft in a survey of experts of the Bay Area they clicked on links anonymous within the e-mail messages led them to sites unknown.

As the research revealed that 21 percent of those surveyed stated that they have a solution that would classify data according to its importance, but said almost half of them by 47 percent, they’re still in the planning stage to have those solutions, while 32 percent of them said they couldn’t achieve any progress or development in this area.



Microsoft: 12.9 percent of computers in Kuwait were exposed to malicious software

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