Microsoft achieved 33.7 million in the quarter, fourth fiscal year 2019

مايكروسوفت تحقق 33.7$ مليار في ربعها المالي الرابع لعام 2019

And Microsoft Corporation yesterday announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and last month of your fiscal year 2019, explaining that the area for the quarter amounted to $ 33.7 million to a net profit of $ 13.2 million, indicating a growth in revenues of the company, as usual, to improve on its market value which reached $ 1 trillion.

And report shows the Surface devices have played a significant role in the company’s revenue for the quarter at a rate higher than the same quarter of last year.

Where their turnover accounted for 14% of total revenue this quarter, despite the lack of updated versions of the devices Surfce launched, with Microsoft and many of its organs through last October and saw it strong sales.

Shrinkage in the growth of the games sector

The unit-level games Xbox police would not disclose its sales but merely observing that the gaming sector has suffered from shrinkage at the rate of 10% during the fourth quarter share was devices Xbox to 3% of the total soil community.

In return noted to the number of subscribers of the Xbox Live service has been committed to the follicles 65 million active users during the quarter, where was it to provide the service across platforms and systems of different large role in this achievement, both in units of Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, Android and iOS.

At the level of the Windows operating system this section has contributed to raise Microsoft’s revenue where the percentage of growth during the last quarter of 18%, due mainly to the demand for Windows 10 and updates Business version of it and the building to stop the company’s support for Windows 7.

Cloud service level in the achievement of profit

Speaking of more products and services of the Company impact on income can not ignore the services of Microsoft Cloud which rose by 14% from last year, where the company owns today more than 180 million users for the active services and Office 365 in business.

In committed servers, and cloud by 22% with growth in revenue and Microsoft Azure rose by 64%, which is growth at least for the bank in recent years in the race with their competitors in the Amazon parking download.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has revealed last week that the Microsoft Team dedicated to the management of work teams has overcome the Slack by reaching out to 13 million active users per day after only two years of its launch.



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