Microsoft achieved in the work of an Israeli company has developed face recognition technology

The company said Microsoft on Friday: she tasked the minister of Justice, former United States (Eric Holder) to investigate whether the use of face recognition technology developed by an Israeli company startup funded by Microsoft is in line with its own ethics.

And company (i-Vision) AnyVision – which is headquartered outside Tel Aviv – scrutiny after reports published by a newspaper (The Marker) TheMarker economic of the newspaper (Haaretz) Haaretz, channel (if.Me.Car News) NBC News, reported that the technology developed by the company are used in the control of Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank.

Implemented the company (i-Vision) channel (if.Me.C) use services in such a thing. Reflects the investigation of a growing sense of unease within the United States and others against surveillance using facial recognition technology, which groups civil rights: it may lead to the arrest unjust, and freedom of expression.

Microsoft announced ethics facial recognition last year said the company is ”trading of guarantees of freedom and democracy for people in the context of surveillance for law enforcement and will not provide facial recognition technology in cars we think they know these freedoms at risk.“ Microsoft said: the Holden team will of the company (Covington and Pearl sponge) Covington & Burling LLP to conduct the investigation.

The fund (I) M12 of Microsoft has contributed to investments totaling $ 74 million, announced by the (i Vision) in the month of June last. Channel reported (if.Me.Context) to technology (I’m vision) use in the West Bank and at border crossings Israeli. But the police said the channel: if its software has not been used in surveillance in the West Bank, but it is used at border crossings in a manner similar to the use of the Department of Customs and Border Protection of the American system, biometric at airports.

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Confronted the Israeli occupation authorities criticized the county for its occupation and policies towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

She said (I’m vision) in a publication in the month of August last: it will be on the Advisory Board of ethics and responsibility to prevent misuse of the technology. At the same time, commended the role of face recognition technology to speed up border crossings with the help of law enforcement to apprehend criminals.

Referred to to Microsoft the same marketing tool for the face and supported the bill the US Senate, which was announced on Thursday, which will require a court order before he uses the law enforcement agencies of the Federal Technical continuous monitoring and targeted.

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