Microsoft achieved revenue of $ 110 billion for the first time in its history


Microsoft has announced a marked rise in its earnings for the quarter past. the latter, which is what prompted the company’s shares jump more than 4% in after-hours trading yesterday, Thursday, with revenue of $ 30.1 million during the last quarter, compared with $ 29.2 million expected by analysts, and has become a profit per share of 1.14 dollars.

According to the website “Business Insider” the British, this represents the quarter end of fiscal year 2018 to Microsoft, thus the company achieved annual revenue of $ 110.4 million over the past twelve months, the first time you cross the $ 100 million mark.

Comes results not shown Microsoft Corporation strong growth in all areas which it operates, especially in the field of cloud computing, rising productivity, and business processes, and leaped income units that include Microsoft Office, increased by 13% compared to the same period last year, revenue rose smart cloud, which includes cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure and related technologies, increased by 23% to $ 9.6 million

Rose product of personal computing, including operating system Windows, and video games for the Xbox, and the organs Surface, increased by 17%, to $ 10.8 million, in general, Microsoft says, If the proceeds of the cloud business, which includes software and business services to the cloud such as Azure and Office 365, rose by 53% year on year to $ 6.9 million.

Not only that, but revenue grew from LinkedIn increased by 37% compared to the same period of last year, the proceeds of games up 39%, with the increase of services and programs Xbox by 36%.

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