Microsoft acquires artificial intelligence company Lobe

مايكروسوفت تستحوذ على شركة الذكاء الاصطناعي Lobe

Artificial intelligence become the domain of strongest competition between technology companies is different, which is what makes Microsoft’s constantly trying to the acquisition of new projects in this area next to the developed techniques of the artificial intelligence of its own, and this time was the acquisition of a company Lobe.

Perhaps surprised some when you find out that the Lobe specialized in the development of the tool “withdraw and” what is it like uploading a photo from desktop to Twitter or Facebook with the withdrawn and its place of publication. But work tool is here quite different properties, as that company’s emerging aims of its tool to provide the opportunity to developers to develop user interface of their own on their applications and their sites.

Speaking in more detail, for example, when the desire to create a sign of victory somehow without consuming a lot of time, All I expect is to put the image as a sign of victory and the organization, and then you get them tool Lobe to the icon or image without the need to write code or algorithm for it, this is different than provided by other tools.

It can be said that artificial intelligence techniques advanced in this tool, make it able to recognize images, audio and video to create a suitable interface for developers, as the instrument is capable of learning, as well sophisticated to improve the level of work.

Microsoft acquired a few months ago on the company’s artificial intelligence Semantic Machines, as acquired in the previous year the company Maluuba also.

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