Microsoft announces date for end of support for office apps on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft announces date for end of support for office apps on Windows 10 Mobile

The company announced Microsoft that they will end support of the First-party apps operating system smartphone’s (Windows 10 Mobile) Windows 10 for Mobile as of the beginning of 2021.

The software giant of America had announced last year that it will end the system support (Windows 10 Mobile) as on 10 December 2019, which means that as of next Tuesday won’t get users of the system for any security updates or non-security, or support options, or even updates to technical content across the internet from Microsoft for free.

And now Microsoft said: it’s as of 12 January 2021 will end support for the application of the First party system (Windows 10 Mobile), which means that apps for officeincluding: (Word) Word and(Excel) Excel, and(bourbon) PowerPoint, and(Wen’s note) OneNote will not get any security updates and other advantages which will stop the system after tomorrow, Tuesday.

It is indicated that this decision is confined to users of the system (Windows 10 Mobile), while will continue to be users of Office apps on the other platforms get updates normally.

Microsoft said in a statement: “remain Microsoft is committed to providing the experience of the office is brilliant on the phones, users, consumers, trade, journalists, education, and government through the Office applications on (iOS) and(Android) that is still supported. You can get the Office apps for iOS and Android through the app stores for those platforms”.

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Microsoft stated also that it will continue reforms of the gaps, fixes, and security to support the product experience even the exact date, but after 12 January 2021 won’t get users of Office apps on any update, so the company recommends users to turn to other platforms to take advantage of the advantages of the application of its desktop, and security updates.

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