Microsoft announces Phone ‘Surface Duo’ dual-screen

After Microsoft announced “Surface Neo PC” dual-screen, has also announced a mini version of dual-screen and running Android under the name “Surface Duo” can be use in many functions and tasks .

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Phone Surface Android phones that are being foretold many years ago, the company said Microsoft’s declaration drawing up for the first time, the hand design is considered to be a smaller version than the version that is running Windows, because the format has not been greatly affected so that the tea is still very large with the large frames from the top and the bottom .

For the company double , regardless of the dialogue existing network and the fact that its area is large, it can fold the screen all the time and use just one screen at the front and the other in the back, you can use the other screen in many of the corners that lets you or help you finish your tasks with ease , the company is developing a phone ‘Surface Duo’ as it integrated under the name of famous brand “Surface” .

For hardware, coming the phone button for closure with buttons for increasing and decreasing the sound level in the right side of the phone, with a slot for Quick Type-C in the bottom right of the phone, as the other side of the phone on the speakers and front camera the phone also supports the use of smart pen .

Phone ‘Surface Duo’ running Android as it has on the Google Play Store App Store recognizes Microsoft specifically how “the partnership with Google to bring the best of Android into one product” ,as that phone will be available in the holiday 2020 as the company announced .


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