Microsoft announces service subscriptions play Xbox Game Pass Through the windows

Microsoft announced about the launch of the service subscriptions own play was Xbox Xbox Game Pass for users of personal computers across the Windows operating system.

This means that Microsoft will launch a special version of the service computers Windows includes more than 100 games for starters, in comparison, there are less than 20 the game was available through the service on the Xbox can be played via personal computers.

It is still unclear as it will be a subscription service compared with its counterparts on the Xbox that cost $ 9.99 a month for owners of the Xbox, as the company has not disclosed the date of its official release to users.

But she mentioned the names of some companies the developer for games such as Sigma, Deep Silver, Bethesda, Paradox Interactive, in addition to a group of independent developers.

How much will participants to some of the product through the Microsoft Store also gets its subscribers current on areas of the network through Xbox Live, such as access to games from the Microsoft development and play for free on the day of launch, with reductions of approximately 20% on purchases of games.

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