Microsoft announces the first data-centers in the Middle East

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Revealed company Microsoft today announced the launch of new data centres for the first time in the UAE, covering the Middle East region, and will work to deliver its services to the cloud in order to enable institutions and governments and corporations and bring more business opportunities unprecedented in the region.

Will provide services to the Microsoft cloud such as Azure and Office 365, and dynamics 365 through the new data centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi quality and high performance and to ensure data protection and business development, with the expectation of the beginning balance of the year in 2019.

I will harness the company’s expertise in Data Protection and empowerment of customers all over the world to advance the digital transition, and will require all new data center to the principles of the Private Cloud Network, to become one of the largest cloud infrastructure in the world, which currently serve million customers and more than 20 million companies around the world.

The master said weed, general manager of regional Microsoft Gulf: “the company has a long history in the region since more than two decades, we have invested over the years dramatically in the region, today, judging from the growing demand from customers for cloud computing services given the opportunities enormous offered by this technique, we have launched local data centres as a logical step to meet the needs of our customers, lies our ambition to make the Microsoft cloud part of the strategy is fundamental in regional economic development”.

Said Salvador angles the head of the business sector in the communication: “this collaboration reinforces the strategic UAE’s vision 2021 to become one of the most important knowledge-based economies in the world, and expect our partnership with Microsoft with the goal of our strategic-LED digital future, to be that perfect partner in this journey is Digital, so will the potential of the Microsoft cloud with the infrastructure of advanced communications in advancing the enabling technologies of cloud in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East”.

Learn the business unit “Telecom digital” closely with Microsoft as the provider of cloud solutions, which, in turn, connected with high quality through the use of technology profit “ExpressRoute Microsoft ” as well as private cloud services using the “Stack Azure”, and also provides communications advisory services and management to ensure transition customers smoothly to the cloud service, harnessing the immense potential of the cloud, Microsoft’s smartphone that is offered by the modern data centre.

Learn Microsoft works closely with technology partners throughout the Middle East and Africa to facilitate the training and increase employment in many sectors, has also been a support around 4000 of the draft arising from the way programs like Microsoft it Academy and the Microsoft cloud, which, in turn, help people build a range of skills as well as equip them to enter the labour market in the region, while you will receive step by joining data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with the infrastructure and global cloud buy Microsoft on linking regional companies with opportunities available in all parts of the world, will also help to accelerate the new investments, Improve access to cloud services to individuals and organizations across the Middle East region.

Supports the provider cloud solutions the new Microsoft Network, which includes 17,800 partner throughout the region, which in turn provides a special platform to offer people solutions and Microsoft cloud locally.

Organizations including government, institutions, large, medium and startup companies of various industries in the Gulf region to take advantage of the services and solutions Microsoft cloud to engage their customers, empower employees and enhance work processes and improve products and services, has selected many enterprises the Microsoft cloud to enhance its digital business, including: the Emirates Group and reconstruction of real estate, Etihad Airways, Majid Al Futtaim hotels and Resorts, Jumeirah group, landmark and ensure insurance ceramics Ras Al Khaimah and the supply of Gulf air, Ooredoo, VIVA, Kuwait Finance house and a group growth and Dubai World Trade Centre.

Microsoft announces the first data-centers in the Middle East

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