Microsoft attacks Apple over its App Store Policies

Microsoft attacks Apple because of the App Store policies

Microsoft has a large sector specialized in developing games as well as the Xbox platform, and it has several popular games available on the App Store.

Mr. Kevin Gammell, General Manager of Microsoft's Game Experience Development Division, has sent a letter to court in support of Epic Games against Apple.

In the official speech, it was said that removing the Fortnite game and removing the company account from the App Store will harm game makers and players.

Also, Microsoft said, according to its official, that Epic Games is not only a manufacturer of games, but also a developer of the Unreal Engine software suite, a software package used to make games by other companies.

Including smartphone versions of famous games such as PUBG and the Microsoft Forza Street car racing game, and all of these games and others will be affected by the decision to ban Epic Games from the App Store, because the company will not be able to issue updates to the Unreal Engine package.

Overall, many games, whether on iOS or Mac, will be negatively affected by the decision to prevent Epic Games from its developer account.

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