…Microsoft bought Apple!

This is sensational news splashed on the pages of the computer press around the world, including the Russian… thousands of people snatched a little of the money in describing this story. That’s not true, it was possible to know – after reading the press release Apple. But…

Exhibition MacWorld in August 1997 (from 11 to 15 August, most likely) was a historic event for Apple. Steve jobs, who last week had deposed the former management of the company, arrived in Boston on the second or third day of the event on his LearJet.

Exhibitors were brought into the conference room hastily rented grey-hounds, in the hall under the dome and almost without insurance, workers hastily mounted projectors and some other equipment- they were scary to watch…

Why in Russian computer press, at first, about this event wrote all sorts of nonsense, I know… Because the Negro in the supermarket near the hotel was a day of “fantastic discounts”. 7 persons, all delegations in the room just the two of us.

Therefore, Evgeny Kozlovsky Evie Tevanyan turned into a shrill hysterical Armenian girl, waving his hands, and that Microsoft “guts” of Apple, they have it. For Evie even it became insulting: it is a harsh Armenian man from Maine, he’s really gesturing but to the place in the measure.

In some of the computer magazines have published my rebuttal, but came up with the name themselves. “Microsoft hasn’t bought Apple, and just a little bit off”. Swear I didn’t.

More Apple IMC mass visits of journalists not sponsored. DPI has become the Apple IMC in less than a year before, and only learned.

And the public has been left views, has nothing to do with the real situation. Today we at least know what it all ended…

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Steve on stage

Apparently, Steve’s speech was not planned, when we are already seated in the hall, in the first series, under the dome (at a height of ten meters, if not more), and it seems that even without insurance, stagehands assembled some equipment.

We had no idea who would be appearing in the booklet we were promised Gil Amelio, I was curious to see it, but no luck. From the first series we were soon herded – they were designed for the speakers, and boarded a third.

Then announced the speech of Steve jobs, the entertainer has shared with us secret information that Steve just flew in from California on a private jet. I never saw this guy – he probably knew too much.

Steve, vigorous and confident, came on the scene twenty minutes later, and…

If someone else, about twenty or thirty minutes, talked about the value of Apple and Mac OS for civilization and humanity, the hall would have switched to their own Affairs, but now there was a tense silence.

Apple is not going to give up, she still have the strength and resources of Mac OS 8, which was released about two weeks ago (it was released on 26 August 1997, on the basis of this I calculated the date of the event, I do not remember) is sold, already sold one and a quarter million copies (predicted four times less – someone had to prepare almost a million sets…).

He said, and about the clones, and again compared them with leeches. In the back whistled and stomped their feet, but the action was going on.

And then Steve started talking about friends and enemies…


Only a few years later we learned about the real situation at Apple in August of 1997. Don’t know exactly how is “smart” criteria to evaluate the viability and attractiveness for lenders, but the Apple at that time it was below all acceptable limits.

The company’s stock price fell, the money for operational needs remained for about two months, or, at best, three – and there was no reason to hope for a miracle, it was very bad. Mac OS 8 was sold as a cold soda on a hot day – but the income from these sales could not bring a hundredth part of the required amount.

So, having decided not to leave Apple in the lurch and withdraw it from the deadly peak, he began to act decisively and regardless.

Those who think that the most important thing for companies is money, wrong. Money is important, but there is something more important than millions of times, is trust. If the company believe her “borrow” and won’t rush to return. In the Apple, no one believed.

Steve asked for help from a few old friends. Responded just one. It was…

Steve jobs and bill gates, for some reason, the audience thought archenemies, are ready in person to pounce on each other and try to violate an article of the penal code in which murder is an offence. In fact, they never were enemies, sometimes competed, but remained friends. If even consulted with each other on some issues.

Older brother from a promotional video 1984

And then, on a huge screen, a huge face of bill gates. Back when she managed to Wake up from the shock, whistled, stomped and yelled something, but the voice of the gates sounded from speakers set under the ceiling – it was very well heard.

We were told that this is a direct stream from Redmond, Washington, on the West coast of the United States, several thousand miles from Boston. In my opinion, Steve and bill even shared something (though I do not vouch for this).

In 1997, videoconference on distance in some thousand miles was a very, very risky, but gates ‘ speech never interrupted and does not hang. Since then, walking through the world the theory that it was all pre-recorded. Even so, what difference does it make? I would have recorded beforehand.

Your kind words about Mac and his system, support Apple – and finally, most importantly. That is why he appeared on the screen.

Microsoft invested in Apple $ 150 million, acquiring shares for that amount, which promises not to sell within three years. This amount, for which Microsoft supposedly bought Apple ranged from 2 to 3 percent of the market value of Apple.

Microsoft took several obligations:

-in the near future to release an update to Office for Mac;
-for five years, regularly releasing updates of this package and implement its support;
-within five years to produce and maintain Internet Explorer on a Mac in response to Apple undertakes, during this time, put a Mac with software pre-loaded on them are Internet Explorer ohms, the status of “master browser” system.

And then, I was shown the same video of “1984”, for those who do not know yourself and do not understand – and like the face of “big brother” was exactly the same in size, and was at the same place where a few minutes ago was the face of Steve gates.

The credit rating of Apple has been restored, the stock price went up, now hung on a thin rope over the bottomless abyss. The gap has not disappeared, but instead the rope was now thick robust cable.

And then – you!

Then, from your boys in leadership of Apple Europe, I learned that Microsoft, in addition to those 150 million, anonymously invested in the Apple any more money. Not 100 million, not 800. On unknown conditions. That is, bill gates really made it for a friend and his company. Amazing, huh?

Guy Kawasaki after jobs

Few weeks guy Kawasaki, chief evangelists of Apple for the second time in his life left by Apple. And I think I know why. To this day, performances of Gaya was something bright and unexpected, from the common to the Apple of the mid 90’s performances, but after Steve jobs he did not look in any way – even it became a pity…

Soon he left Apple, this time forever.

To be continued

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