Microsoft bought “design for AI applications”

Recently, various devices, applications and services are increasingly using for work the neural network based artificial intelligence. It seems that to make such things extremely difficult, but it turns out that it even has a special constructor, which recently was acquired by Microsoft for use in its future products.

The service is called Lobe. And, most interestingly, it does not need to have special knowledge in the field of machine learning. Not knowing how exactly the whole system works, but knowing its functions and goner a result, the user can “piece by piece” to create what he needs.

Service can load the required data and he will create a model for deep machine learning, will make all the necessary calculations, and then give the user plan “educational program”. If necessary, it is possible to add some items and remove the ones that don’t suit you.

As an example, publishing Messgaes leads to a self-governing drone, which must follow the owner. Using existing algorithms to detect persons and objects, the system configures the desired settings and “sharpens” the future for specific tasks. In this case: to find out the owner among other people, to track its movement, to calculate the implied trajectory of other people and not to collide with the surrounding space. The sum of transaction is not called, however, both companies are very optimistic.

“After the unification of the Lobe will retain the status of an independent project, which will develop according to the standards of open source. Lobe is only at the beginning of the automatic creation of AI, but their technology can be implemented much larger projects.”

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